Abused in the Boy Scouts?

Torn photo where the left half is a boy and the right half is the grown up version of the boy.

You are not alone.

The truth about the Boy Scouts "Perversion Files"

The public is finally learning about the Boy Scouts’ “perversion” files, which our attorneys first obtained almost two decades ago.  These files show BSA knew for decades how sexual predators were using Scouts to abuse children.  Despite that knowledge, BSA failed to take adequate steps to change their policies until the mid-1980s.  That was too late to protect thousands of children.

This website is provided by attorneys who have focused their lives on representing abuse survivors.  It is a resource for those survivors, as well as lawyers who need help prosecuting their claims.

Important Note:  Some recent reports in 2019 have suggested there is a “new” list of Boy Scout leaders from the “perversion” files.  This is not accurate.  The publicly available files, which you can read on this website, were released many years ago and that is the source of the “new” list.  This is important for people to know because there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of Scout leaders who are identified in files that have not yet been made public.  We have represented many people who were abused by Scout leaders whose names were not in the publicly available files, so please do not be discouraged or think you will not be believed if a particular Scout leader’s name is not in the files.

How do I contact you?

How you contact us is up to you:

1) You can send our attorneys a confidential email at info@boysscoutssexualabuse.com. All emails are kept strictly confidential.

2) You can directly call or email one of our sexual abuse attorneys, Michael Pfau (206-462-4335) or Jason Amala (206-462-4339), for a free, confidential consultation. If you call and we are unavailable, you can call our main office at (206) 462-4334, and they will find us or another person in our firm who can help you. All calls are strictly confidential.

3) You can fill-out the form here, which will send a confidential email to our legal team who prosecutes claims against the Boy Scouts and has successfully obtained winning verdicts and consistently advocated for and recovered settlements and compensation for victims. Again, all emails are strictly confidential.

4) You can also initiate a chat session with us and one of our lawyers will be in contact with you to discuss your options.

Our sexual abuse attorneys have been helping survivors prosecute claims against the Boy Scouts for nearly a decade. We first obtained some of the Boy Scouts “perversion” files in 2004, and when a judge ordered them to produce more, we had to fight the Boy Scouts all the way to the Washington Supreme Court to keep them. Since that time we have counseled and represented hundreds of people in Washington and across the country who survived sexual abuse by Scout leaders and volunteers, Catholic Church, Mormons, and many others.